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4% Paraformaldehyde

(made fresh each week in a hood and kept cold)
    4% Paraformaldehyde
  • Weigh out 16g of 95% paraformaldehyde in prill form (Sigma-Aldrich 441244) into coulter vial with lid.
  • Heat 360ml of deionized water in the microwave for 3min.
  • In glass jar add about half the hot water.
  • Add 40 ml of 10xPBS.
  • Add 200µl of 1NnaOH.
  • Add magnetic stir bar.
  • Add PF Prills and rinse coulter vial with remaining water into the jar.
  • Stir solution until clear (heating on hotplate may speed up).
  • Vacuum filter the solution.
  • Rinse glass jar and return filtered solution to jar.
  • Measure the pH using pH meter. Should be between 7.2-7.5.

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