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ELK series Antibodies

    ELK series Antibodies
  • Antibodies are stored frozen as concentrate in TTPBS with 20% glycerin.
  • They come in the following conjugation flavors: plain vanilla, biotin, Cy3, Cy5, Alexa 488.
  • When thawed, they are stable for many months.
  • ELK3-51 is available as a concentrate, or diluted and ready to use (working strength is 75µg/ml).
  • Competed antibody is only available at working strength.
  • To make either from concentrate:
    • Regular stain: 40µl of Ab concentrate + 960µl of Ab-carrier.
    • Competed stain: 40µ of Ab conc. + 50µl of 10mM EF5 + 910µl of Ab carrier.

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